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The success of a given project is determined by the Team assembled and the amount of influence the Team has throughout the entire project cycle. Carlson Kennedy takes great pride in working with our Clients from project inception as an integral team member to ensure their project is a success. We approach every project with two very basic principles:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Early Project Influence

Being an integral part of a project team as early as possible in the project cycle leads to a successful project focused on balancing Design, Quality and Cost.

Team Triangle

The back bone of every construction project includes a basic team consisting of the Owner, Designer, and the Contractor. The strength of the team depends on the equal involvement of each of the pinnacles of Team Triangle. Even though the level of involvement may vary throughout the project, keeping the Team Triangle in equilibrium provides the greatest probability for the project to succeed. Our ability to integrate into project teams very early in the project cycle allows us to maximize the project’s success.

Construction Team Triangle

Cost Influence
A project can be broken into four stages: Planning, Design, Construction, and Operation. The theory of Cost Influence proposes that as the project progresses through the four stages, the team loses its ability to impact the overall budget of the project. As costs are incurred, it becomes more challenging to find ways to reduce or maximize the budget.

The earlier the team is assembled, the greater the ability to challenge and affect the overall project budget. It is the combination of all disciplines early on that creates the balance needed to create a successful project. Even though Carlson Kennedy regularly participates in traditional competitive bidding, due to the Cost Influence concept and our desire to work on collaborative teams, our ultimate goal is to align with Clients and projects that utilize collaborative delivery methods, such as Construction Management.