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Happy Holidays!

We’re wishing you a joyous holiday season as you get together with family and friends. Here’s to fond memories of this year and making many more in the new year!

3D Cropped

3D Printing Set to Become Handy Tool for Construction Market

Carlson Kennedy likes to stay on the cutting edge of technology as well as construction trends, and how it can best make use of them for customers. One of the latest tools being looked at for construction solutions is 3D printing. The uses for this emerging technology are far and wide, and we’re only just scratching the surface of how it can be helpful in the construction industry.

You might have noticed a lot of talk about Omaha’s Do Space, located on the southwest corner of 72nd and Dodge Streets. Do Space is a technology library, a high-tech workshop and an innovation playground. It doesn’t matter how savvy you are or how much you know. At Do Space what counts is your desire to learn, create, explore and invent. The Do Space mission is to empower members through technology access and education. It’s a technology equalizer — giving people from all walks of life access to technology. There is nothing else quite like it in the country, and Carlson Kennedy sees it as an especially exciting time for technology in Omaha.

One of the first ways we can see 3D printing helping in the planning and construction process is with the time-savings involved in 3D modelling. Modelers can print out a mockup of a building or house, show their clients how the finished design will look, and allow customers to experiment with design ideas and tweak where needed before construction ever begins. Seeing the design in 3D will uncover what challenges there may be and address them before breaking ground, potentially saving costs in time delays which otherwise might have happened during the building process.

While new things like this can be comfort-stretchers for some, we at Carlson Kennedy are very excited about the possibilities 3D printing can provide to improve design and construction processes, and we will be watching closely to see how we might be able to use it to help YOU in the future!