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3D Printing Set to Become Handy Tool for Construction Market

Carlson Kennedy likes to stay on the cutting edge of technology as well as construction trends, and how it can best make use of them for customers. One of the latest tools being looked at for construction solutions is 3D printing. The uses for this emerging technology are far and wide, and we’re only just scratching […]

Thinking of a Spring Construction Project–Now’s the Time to Call Carlson Kennedy!

If you’ve been looking at renovations, remodels or new building ideas to address your business growth needs, Carlson Kennedy Construction is happy to meet and discuss possible solutions with you. With a long-standing history of  creative, innovative and structurally sound projects designed to meet the needs of its clients, Carlson Kennedy prides itself in addressing each undertaking […]

Clean, Organized and Safe Sites a Continuing Tradition at Carlson Kennedy Construction

A current project we have under construction near 74th and Dodge Streets in Omaha shows more of Carlson Kennedy’s continuing tradition of keeping job sites clean, organized and safe. Whatever the project–large or small–our clients know they can count us to provide a logical approach to getting the work done, and have as much focus on the aesthetics of a site under […]

Carlson Kennedy Cares About Your Concrete!

As we head into the winter months in Nebraska, all of us at Carlson Kennedy Construction are interested in sharing best practices when it comes to concrete care and maintenance. Here are a few important things to remember in helping your concrete porches, patios and driveways last as long as possible. – A common misconception is that using salt […]

Omaha Construction Demands

In Omaha, both the office and industrial markets are on the rebound, with industrial sector doing especially well. How well? “The Omaha industrial market has been experiencing record low vacancies again this year, prompting discussion of the low supply, high demand and increasing rental rates. There has been much speculation regarding if or when developers […]