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Thinking of a Spring Construction Project–Now’s the Time to Call Carlson Kennedy!

If you’ve been looking at renovations, remodels or new building ideas to address your business growth needs, Carlson Kennedy Construction is happy to meet and discuss possible solutions with you. With a long-standing history of  creative, innovative and structurally sound projects designed to meet the needs of its clients, Carlson Kennedy prides itself in addressing each undertaking with a fresh perspective and an organized approach.

The backbone of every construction project includes a basic team consisting of the owner, designer, and contractor. The strength of the team depends on equal involvement of each pinnacle of this team triangle. While the level of involvement may vary throughout the project, keeping the team triangle in equilibrium provides the greatest probability for the project to succeed. Carlson Kennedy’s ability to integrate into project teams early in the project cycle helps maximize the project’s success and better meet the needs of an overall budget. This initial combination of all disciplines provides the balance needed to create a successful project, and ensures Carlson Kennedy’s ultimate goal of aligning with clients in projects which utilize collaborative delivery methods–such as Construction Management–is able to be reached.

Let Carlson Kennedy show you first hand how much more successful a project can be when all the team members are able to walk down that early road of planning together. Call 402-895-1515 to find out more today!